Andrew Alexander
Located in Detroit


Eastern Michigan University

Major: Psychology
Minor: Philosophy

Several undergraduate awards and presentations


Codexr, LLC - June 2017 to Present

Final Position: Founder/Developer

  • Software and product development involving Python, Javascript, PHP, Swift and Java for several sites/apps
  • Brought in on Javascript project that needed image recognition and single-handedly made the project work
  • Lead developer on Pinyada, a Swift-based mobile app on iOS and a React Native-based mobile app on Android with a Java backend
  • Lead developer on ShopLoyal, a React Native-based mobile app with a Java backend as well as an analytics and admin panel based on Node/Express/Typescript
  • Released a Chrome extension to colorize Chinese characters to assist in correct pronunciation for non-native speakers - involved language processing and had never been done on the web before

Switchback - January 2014 to June 2017

Final Position: Developer

  • Developed custom modules and extensions for Drupal (primarily PHP, some JS), mostly for enterprise clients
  • Designed MySQL and PostgreSQL database queries for performance/efficiency
  • Service-based architecture on many projects
  • Created custom Django models and views based on them as part of a large Federal study
  • Worked on a team with projects up to ~$1 million USD
  • Responsible for system architecture and design

Media Genesis - October 2011 to January 2014

Final Position: Junior Software Developer

  • Developed primarily in PHP and JS, with other work in Python and C#
  • Technical support to small (40 employees) business
  • Maintained computer infrastructure - construction, deployment, etc - August 2010 to October 2011

Final Position: Director of Technology and Marketing

  • Provided technical support to a growing start-up with 100,000 daily readership and 1.5 million monthly readership
  • Supervised content distribution and editorial work, as well as AV team. Engineered new audio recording system for company.
  • Managed partner and customer database, including modification, deployment, etc on the platform
  • Part of a team that grew a company from three individuals to twenty five individuals in less than a year
  • Developed tools in Python that were deployed to the rest of the company and increased efficiency

Stoneman Volk Patent Group - July 2009 to June 2010

Final Position: IP Paralegal/IT

  • Oversaw two most critical databases for an entire law office
  • Created IT policy and wrote software patents

EMU Psychology Lab - September 2007 to August 2008

Final Position: Lab Manager

  • Managed a team of up to 9 people (under the supervision of a professor) that conducted in-field research.
  • Python, PHP, Javascript/Typescript, Java and Swift
  • Frontend & Mobile development using ReactJS/React Native, Bootstrap, Mustache, Cordova
  • Backend development using Drupal, Django, NodeJS, Ninja (Java microservice framework)
  • DevOps technologies, including Kubernetes/KOPS & Docker on both AWS and Digital Ocean
  • Experienced with multiple enterprise APIs, including Twitter, Salesforce, Facebook, Twilio, Button, Appsflyer, Google Analytics etc
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • Extensive experience with SQL, including at scale
  • GIT
  • ¬†Adobe Photoshop